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Even babies can get dry skin. It’s vital to pamper your new little one’s skin the right way with the very best baby lotion. Ideally you want a lotion that’s made for sensitive newborn skin. The ingredients need to be pure and plant based so that your baby won’t have a reaction to harsh chemicals that don’t need to be in their lotion. 

With so many choices on the market today it can be hard to find the right lotion for your family. That’s why we have done the testing for you to determine which of these baby lotions is best for your perfect bundle of joy. Here are also some other details about why using a baby lotion on your child is so important for the health and wellness of their skin. 

Why you need the best baby lotion for your baby

Moisturizing your baby’s skin on a regular basis is very important for their comfort and skin health. Think about it, your baby doesn’t have any way to tell you their skin is itchy and dry. It’s up to you to prevent this problem from happening to the best of your ability. 

The best time to moisturize your baby’s skin is right after bath time each day. This can also be a time to gently massage them in a loving way that will even help your baby to sleep better each night. Massage with baby lotion is such a soothing experience for parents and baby that it’s something you both will look forward to each night. 

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A little about baby skin conditions

As we said before babies can have very dry skin. It seems like this wouldn’t be the case with how yummy perfect newborn skin can be, but they do develop specific skin conditions sometimes, like eczema or cradle cap. 

Eczema looks like an itchy red rash on baby’s skin. It’s also called infant eczema or atopic dermatitis. This can show up in different places on their body, but mostly you’ll see it on their face and in the joints of their arms or legs. In newborns this type of eczema usually goes away after a few months, or it can continue to be an issue that needs tender loving moisturizing each day. 

Another common baby skin condition is cradle cap. This is a flakey skin rash that isn’t as red and irritated as eczema. This looks a little like baby dandruff when it’s on the head. It can also show up on the baby’s face or behind their little ears. Cradle cap in general goes away by the time the baby is one-year-old. 

When you use a gentle lotion on the baby after each bath it’s going to improve the look and feel of each of these skin conditions. 

Chemicals that don’t belong in baby lotion

There are certain chemicals that don’t belong in baby lotion. This is for the health and safety of their skin. By eliminating these chemicals, it greatly reduces the chance that your baby will have a reaction to the skin care lotion. 

Some of these chemicals are parabens, phlathes, phosphates, formaldehyde, 1,4-dioxane, SLES, SLS, and artificial dyes or fragrance. 

It’s best that all of the skin care products that touch your baby be a blend of plant based essential oils and minerals. Organic materials are going to be much gentler and safer for the health of your family. 

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Other Baby Lotions We Tested

There are many different baby lotions on the market in a variety of price ranges. We’ve gone through testing some of the top brands around to see how they compare with each other. Some of these are the following:

This is our line of organic and purity certified baby lotion. Doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, moisturizes for 48 hours, and absorbs quickly. 

A company that offers organic products from actress and “mompreneur” Jessica Alba. A basic baby lotion that is fragrance free. 

The old school classic that still gets the job done. They have changed the formula over the years finally to remove parabens, phthalates, and dyes.

A newer organic baby care product on the market. This one feels nice on baby’s skin and isn’t too sticky.

Another drug store brand that is fragrance free and hypoallergenic. Very thin formula that doesn’t seem very nourishing.

The clear winner in best baby skin care

The clear winner in this best of baby skin care is Dapple Baby Baby Lotion This is an all-around excellent choice for the very quality of the ingredients and formula. It comes in a fragrance-free formula and one that is gently scented with essential oils like lavender and jasmine. 

Other reasons to use Dapple Baby baby lotion

Some other great attributes of this lotion for your baby are the following:  
  • Moisturizes continually for 48 hours
  • Plant based ingredients
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Pediatrician and dermatologist tested
  • Tear-free
  • Clean Label Purity Award Winner
  • Not tested on our little furry friends
  Just to expand on what being a “Clean Label Purity” Award Winner is this dedication comes from an independent consumer group that tests products for over 130 harmful chemicals. Dabble Baby Baby Lotion came up as one of the cleanest and most effective in the baby skin care category. We’re proud that our lotion stands up to such rigorous testing for the health and safety it’s going to provide your family.  

What some of our dapple baby parents are saying

The best way to hear about Dapple Baby is from parents that actually use our products on their children. Here’s what some of our treasured clients had to say about our baby lotion.

5 stars

Julie from New York:

With newborn twins it’s double the amount of baby products I have to buy. I love the fact that Dapple Baby Baby Lotion is affordable for my two little cuties. My favorite is the lavender and jasmine scented lotion. This seems to make the after bath time more of an enjoyable experience for both of my twins. The scent is very soothing and seems to help them sleep better. 

5 stars

Scott from Arizona:

It’s very dry and hot out here in Arizona. I was surprised when my daughter who is six-months- old started to develop itchy red skin. Her pediatrician diagnosed her with eczema and recommended we start a skin care regimen of using Dapple Baby Baby Lotion. It’s helped so much! I can’t believe how much less red and irritated her skin is when we use this lotion each night. Thank you Dapple Baby! 

5 stars

Savannah from North Carolina:

My son has the absolute worst cradle cap! It does look like baby dandruff, but after trying all different kinds of baby lotions, the condition wasn’t getting any better. Then I talked to one of the other moms in my playgroup, and she said that Dapple Baby Baby Lotion would take care of the problem. After using the lotion for a week, his cradle cap is practically gone! I was so excited to find a product that actually works. I’ve started buying other Dapple Baby products now, and they are equally as amazing. 

Dapple Baby is Here for Your Family

As a line created by moms for families who want the very best in health and safe products for their children, we are so proud to provide an organic baby care line that is rated so highly by parents. 

If you have questions about any of our products, give us a call or drop us an email today. We’d love to hear from you! Plus, you’ll love our selection of top-notch baby care products that care for the entire environment you and your baby live in. From dish care, bath time, surface cleaning, and all those loads of laundry, Dapple Baby is your right hand in baby care products you can count on to be effective and safe for your family. 

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