Best baby shampoo

Best Baby Shampoo

Taking care of baby at bath time

Baby’s first bath is a big milestone! It’s a special moment that may have you feeling excited and a little bit nervous at the same time. Those teeny tiny little bodies can be quite slippery! But in no time, this will become a fun experience for bonding with your baby and letting them splash, play, and explore new toys – all great things which are important for happy, healthy development.

In setting up for bath time, you probably have a non-stick baby tub out with all the bath products that you received as gifts from friends and family at your baby shower. How do you know you are using the very best baby shampoo and body wash for your little one? 


With so many choices available, it can be hard to decide. Maybe you’ve talked to friends and family who recommended some of their favorite brands or done a little bit of research on the internet about high quality baby care products. If you’re still unsure about what the best personal care product will be for your baby, look no further than our review of best baby shampoo and body wash. We’ve done the legwork and bath testing for you to determine which of these baby shampoos came out on top for gentle quality and clean ingredients. But first, let’s also look at some of the details on what makes a high-quality baby shampoo!

Why your baby needs the best baby shampoo!

Baby’s delicate skin requires products that are gentler than any old soap or shampoo sitting in your shower. Many products for adults are packed with synthetic chemicals, fragrances, and additives. Yuck!

Instead, look for a formula that is plant based, and has a certified clean label. These products are often more gentle, can better nourish baby’s skin, and are pediatrician and dermatologist tested. At this stage, a combined shampoo and body wash is the perfect fit for the job, and is also convenient and more economical for parents. Most baby shampoo products on the market today can also double as a body wash.

About a common baby scalp condition

Babies sometimes have different skin conditions that can start to show soon after birth. These might include infant eczema or cradle cap, which are both caused by dry, irritated, and flaky skin. 

Eczema can be red and itchy on different parts of your baby’s body. This can make their skin uncomfortable for them, even if they can’t tell you what’s bothering them. They may cry or seem especially fussy when their skin is irritated. Bathing them in a gentle, moisturizing bath product from head to toe can help soothe their skin during bath time and keep it comfortable for hours after. 

Cradle cap looks a little bit like flaky baby dandruff. This is a condition that needs a truly gentle shampoo to help wash away those flakes on the scalp, and moisturize skin. Using the right bath products and lotion after the bath can help to improve the condition. Cradle cap usually clears up by the time your baby is one year old, but in some cases it can last a little longer into their toddler years. 

Quick tips on bathing your new baby

Some general tips on bathing your new baby are the following:

  • Don’t bathe a newborn every day. A few times a week is usually plenty. 
  • Always check the bathwater temperature before you place the baby in the bath. 
  • Make sure the room is warm and draft free for your baby’s comfort. 
  • Have everything you need within arm’s reach, including baby shampoo, washcloths, and towel. 
  • Never leave your baby for even a second alone in the tub. 
  • Make sure you get all the little nooks and crannies, like behind the ears and between their toes. 
  • Rinse well to make sure all the soapy residue is washed away. 
  • Pat completely dry, and then massage them with baby lotion to seal in moisture. 

Clean label project purity award

Other brands of baby shampoo and body washes have too many harsh chemicals. Some of those include phthalates, parabens, sulfates, artificial dyes and fragrance. Those don’t need to be in your baby care products because of the high risk of skin irritation. They can even make your baby’s skin dry and uncomfortable, which is the exact opposite of what you want in your baby care products. You want products to cleanse the baby that won’t strip their skin of their own natural oils. 

Instead, look for plant-based ingredients in your bath time products, including all-natural essential oils for or fragrances that are compliant with international standard ISO 9235.

To make your search easy, look for products that are certified by a third party, such as the Clean Label Product, which tests for ingredient purity. Learn more at

Common brands we tested for best baby shampoo

We’ve tested some of the most common brands of baby shampoo and body wash on the market. Here are the following list of brands we looked at and tested:

Plant based and free from all harsh chemicals. This head to toe baby wash is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and helps to moisturize your baby’s skin. It’s the only brand on the list with added prebiotics to help restore your baby’s natural skin barrier. And, it’s certified by the Clean Label Project for purity.

One of the more expensive brands on the list. Has a fresh and clean scent in this 90 percent plant-based product. 

Tear free and gentle, this brand is also plant based and pediatrician tested. 

One of the drugstore brands on the list that gets the job done gently, but is formulated with some synthetic chemicals.

An organic and boutique brand that makes an essential oil scented baby wash. Smells sweet and citrusy. 

The old school classic brand on the list. Very basic, but gets the job done in this tear free formula. 

The clear winner in best baby skin care

After so many baby baths, the clear winner in the shampoo and body wash category is Dapple Baby! Plant-based and gentle with a high-quality wash experience that will moisturize and cleanse your baby’s delicate skin. 

All About Dapple Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

With a prebiotic botanical blend, this shampoo and body wash from Dapple Baby is everything you need to clean your baby from head to toe. It comes in three different formulas, fragrance free, apple lavender and jasmine. The scented formulas . 

The plant-based blend of botanicals is what is going to help your baby skin retain its natural moisture barrier. This formula won’t strip the baby’s skin leaving it dry and irritated. Your baby will feel silky smooth after bath time and will be ready to have some Dapple Baby Baby Lotion rubbed onto their skin for an extra nourishing experience. 

Keep in mind this formula of shampoo and body wash is made without parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, sulfates, or synthetic dyes and fragrances. It’s even received a Clean Label Purity Award from an independent consumer lab which tested products for over 130 harsh chemicals. Dapple Baby came out on top in this all-important baby care category.  

Dapple Baby is Here for Your Family

At Dapple Baby we are so proud of the exceptional and safe baby products we bring to your family. If you have any questions about ingredients, usage, or why you should give Dapple Baby a try, give us a call or email today. We’re more than happy to chat with you about how gentle and effective our baby products are in all categories, from surface care to laundry and everything in between. 

Our baby friendly and safe products were created by moms who just wanted the very best for their family and yours. Find a store near you that carries the entire line of Dapple Baby care products today. 

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