Frequently Asked Questions

My product appears cloudy, off-color and/or thicker than usual. Why?

Sometimes our plant-based cleaning agents don’t like rapid temperature differences and turn a cloudy or off-color en route to retail stores or your house. We can assure you that our products are as safe and effective as always. This is a cosmetic issue only. It usually clears when the bottle warms back up, but if yours doesn’t, simply soak your bottle or refill pack in warm water for 15 minutes and it should look as good as new.

The pump on my Dapple® Baby Bottle & Dish Soap won't work. Can you help?

Unfortunately, our pumps sometimes don’t get fully tightened during the manufacturing process, which can impact their ability to open. We recommend trying the steps below to troubleshoot the issue:

1.  Make sure the neck of the bottle is tightened as much as possible by twisting it clockwise
2.  Place the bottle on a solid surface
3.  Press weight down on the top of the bottle and twist pump top counterclockwise

Does my Dapple® Baby product have an expiration date?

While our products do not expire, we recommend using them within 2-3 years of purchase to optimize their performance.

Do you have a sampling program?

We currently do not send samples through the mail. If you are a healthcare provider interested in purchasing samples of Dapple® Baby Bottle & Dish Soap, please contact us at

Do your products have tree nuts in them?

We do not use any tree nut oils in our products and our manufacturers use a thorough cleaning and sanitization procedure on their production lines before running any of our products to prevent carryover of any previous product’s ingredients. Many of our products contain surfactants that are derived from coconut and palm kernel oil; neither of which contain tree nut proteins.

Do you have an email list?

We do! You can sign up on our website. We don’t send lots of emails, we just update you on different sales promotions, and new products.

Are you on social media?

Yes! You can follow us on Facebook (@dapplebaby), Instagram (@dapplebaby) and TikTok (@dapplebrand).

Do you ever have sales or promotions?

We do have sales and promotions from time to time in-store and online. Check in with your preferred retailers for details.

Where are your products made?

Dapple® Baby brand products are proudly made in the USA.

What is your email for customer service?

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