professional sampling

Deliver Dapple® to your patients!

Interested in having Dapple® Breast Pump Wipes samples available for your patients? Welcome to the Dapple® Professional Sampling program! Our sampling program is exclusively designed for lactation consultants – samples are only provided to verified lactation consultant professionals.

Please use the form below to apply to our Professional Sampling Program. Once your application is reviewed, we will notify you if your application has been approved and when you can expect to begin receiving samples. Samples will NOT be sent to a PO box.

Our Professional Sampling program does not currently include samples of Dapple® Baby Bottle & Dish Pump Soap. If you are a healthcare provider interested in purchasing samples of Dapple® Baby Bottle & Dish Soap, please contact us at

Professional Sampling Program

Sampling Agreement(Required)
Samples are provided for distribution to patients. By checking the box above, you agree not to resell samples to patients or via any third-party website (Amazon, etc.). Failure to comply with this will result in removal from the program.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

NOTE: By completing this form, you are consenting to receive emails from us regarding this sampling program as well as other brand communication or sampling opportunities.

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