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The #1 selling baby dish soap comes in fragrance free or multiple light, amazing scents.

When choosing the best baby friendly dish soap, you are making an important decision for the well being of your little one. There are so many reasons why using the right dish soap for all your baby’s bottles, dishes, sippy cups, and even their pacifiers is better than using regular dish detergent. Plastic bottles, especially with leftover formula or breast milk on them, tend to build up film and odor, so you need a soap that really works! But regular dish soaps are filled with synthetic dyes, fragrances, and other artificial ingredients, and never seem to get that film off anyway. When you have so much to do during the day, who has time to worry about what soap to use to clean a sink full of dirty baby bottles?

That’s where Dapple Baby comes in. We did the heavy lifting to formulate the ideal baby-friendly dish soap that’s both plant-based AND effective. One less thing to think about is always a good thing, right? Let’s explore all the reasons Dapple Baby Bottle & Dish Soap is the best baby dish soap for your household.

The reasons dapple baby bottle & dish soap is better

Many products are formulated with ingredients we choose to leave out! Just to name a few…

• Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate or SLES has possible carcinogenic properties. That’s why Dapple is formulated without it.

• Synthetic Fragrance: You don’t need unnatural fragrance added to your dish soap. Dapple Baby is available in Fragrance Free or with essential oils for a light scent.

• Dyes: Not useful or necessary in any kind of baby friendly dish soap.

• Parabens: These are preservatives that may interfere with the body’s natural immune system. No thanks!

• Phosphates: These have been removed from most detergents and cleansing products because they are bad for the environment.

Helpful hint: If you are breastfeeding and using a breast pump, make sure to clean those pump components with baby-friendly dish soap too!

Baby friendly cleaning tips

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, each baby bottle should be thoroughly washed and dried right after use. Use hot water and dish soap to make sure that all leftover milk residue is removed. That milk residue is what bacteria loves to grow and thrive on.

It’s also helpful to purchase a special bottle brush to get in all the nooks and crannies of each piece of the baby bottle. Replace or sterilize your bottle brush on a monthly basis. Getting the insides of all the bottle pieces completely clean is important and the bottle brush will definitely help!

Every time you wash be sure to take apart the entire baby bottle, which usually includes four separate pieces: the bottle itself, the nipple, the collar piece that holds the nipple onto the bottle, and the travel cover to protect the nipple when on the go with your baby. Don’t forget to wash the cap too!

And finally, sanitizing. After cleaning the bottles, the CDC recommends sanitizing feeding components (including the brush) once per day, especially for babies under 3 months old. You can do this easily by putting your items in a pot of water, bringing the water to a boil, and allowing the items to boil for 5 minutes. The CDC also notes that if your dishwasher has a heat-dry or sanitation setting, an extra sanitizing step is not necessary. 

Who wants to hand wash all these bottles when you could just throw them in the dishwasher? We hear you, parents! In fact, we even offer dishwasher pacs for the days that hand washing is just too much to bear.

And although we’re all about convenience, here are just a few reasons why hand washing may still be the better option:

  1. Soaking and scrubbing with a bottle brush and the right baby-friendly dish soap (that’s us!) will ensure that each piece is properly cleaned, and that you get in all those nooks and crannies – think inside of the nipple.
  2. Oily residues are notoriously difficult to remove in the dishwasher.
  3. The longer the bottles sit in the dishwasher, waiting for it to fill up, the harder that residue is going to be to remove.
  4. No waiting! Hand washing only takes a few minutes, so you’ve got clean bottles ready to go just in time for baby’s next meal.

When you buy a package of new baby bottles it’s important to sanitize before you use them. You can do that by boiling each part for five minutes on the stove-top with a large pot of water. According to the CDC, you also want to repeat this process daily with all your baby bottles to make sure they are extra clean for your baby. This is especially important after your baby has been sick, and for the littlest babies under 3 months old. This helps to make sure that bacteria isn’t lingering behind on any feeding components.
There are also electric steam sterilizers available for purchase if you prefer.

The top 7 baby dish soap brands

Ellipse Analytics, a third-party lab tested leading dish soaps for their effectiveness on milk film & odor, including both traditional petroleum-based brands and newer brands that are more plant-based or naturally derived. Dapple was the winner!

See how the products stacked up when it came to removing proteins:

Dapple removed at least 40% more protein than other leading brands.

The Honest Company was the runner up, however Dapple removed 40% more protein!

Dapple removed over 45% more protein than this baby brand

Despite its synthetic ingredients, Dawn was no match for Dapple which removed nearly 50% more protein

Dapple removed more than 50% more protein than Seventh Generation. Why sacrifice effective for plant-based when you could have both?

Method came in with the lowest performance on removing protein, fat, and carbs. In this independent lab test, Dapple removed over 55% more protein.

The clear sparkling superstar bottle cleanser is dapple baby

  • Out of all the brands that were tested, Dapple Baby Bottle and Dish Soap performed the best in just about every category. The product comes in a few different versions: one is totally fragrance-free, and then there are three others that come in light, natural scents including sweet lavender, mango melon, and apple pear. All of the fragrances are natural, compliant with the international standard ISO 9235 for aromatic natural raw materials. No artificial fragrances here!

    Bonus! Dapple Baby Bottle & Dish Soap also comes in travel sizes, so you can stick a couple of bottles in your diaper bag when you aren’t at home. We’ve got you covered.

    In keeping with an environmentally friendly mission, our plastic bottles are both recyclable and refillable. Our 34 oz. refills can fill each bottle twice, and use only 1/3 of the plastic. 

    Here are just a few other fun facts about Dapple Baby Dish and Bottle Soap! First, one of our core ingredients is baking soda, which helps cut down on odor that can linger with milk on a baby’s bottle. It may seem like a simple and old-fashioned ingredient, but sometimes those are the most effective to use. And second, the other ingredients are plant-based too! No added dyes, parabens, phthalates, or SLS. You can be confident that Dapple Baby is “everything you want and nothing you don’t.”

  • Available in fragrance-free, sweet lavender, mango melon, or apple pear formula in 16.9 oz. pump.
  • Lavender and Fragrance Free are also available in refill and travel size.

Why our dish soap better than the rest, according to parents that use dapple baby

Let’s hear from a few moms and dads around the country who use Dapple Baby Bottle and Dish Soap in their own households.

5 stars

Kelsey from Ohio:

Dapple Baby was a product I got in a gift basket at my baby shower. It was my first baby so I was a little nervous about bringing my daughter home. I just wanted everything she came in contact to be safe for her. Looking over the reviews online of Dapple Baby made me feel confident in washing her baby bottles with it. Thank you Dapple Baby!

5 stars

James from California:

As a stay-at-home dad for my two twin sons, I’m so lucky that I get to be a part of their loving day to day care. What I don’t love those is all the bottles I have to clean! With twins that can be a taxing part of my day. They just endlessly stack up in my sink! But with Dapple Baby, I find that the bottle cleaner gets rid of the milky residue much faster than other cleansers we have used. It makes the cleaning part go by so much faster when the product just works better.

5 stars

Sandra from Texas:

Dapple Baby was the third baby dish soap I tried. I won’t mention the first two brands, but I was upset that each time I was cleaning my baby’s bottles, they seemed to have a film leftover on them. I was nervous about that getting into my baby’s system. But when I tried Dapple Baby I noticed how cleanly the product rinsed off, which made me feel so much better. No more sticky residue anywhere on my baby’s bottles is awesome!

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