Best Laundry Detergent for Baby Clothes

Best laundry detergent for baby clothes review

The #1 selling baby laundry detergent comes in fragrance free or multiple light, amazing scents.

As a parent, you want everything to be just right for your baby! That includes making sure their wardrobe is comfy cozy and always washed in baby laundry detergent designed for their delicate skin. Plus, think about all the stains. (Or don’t, what a headache!) The stains are endless. Whether it’s from spit-up, milk, baby food, or just crawling around the house, stains on their clothing are inevitable. Babies are just messy little bundles of joy. The simple fact is, you need the very best baby laundry detergent you can get your hands on! One that can even handle loads of cloth diapers if you decided those were the best option for your family.

With so many choices on the market in detergent for baby clothes, from green brands to traditional, it can be hard to tell what to pick to use in your own washing machine. Below, you can find some helpful hints on how to pick the very best laundry detergent for baby clothes, why you actually need a special baby-centric laundry detergent, and some insights from real moms because we’ve done the testing for you.

At Dapple Baby, we did the heavy lifting to formulate the ideal baby-friendly laundry detergent that’s both safe AND effective. One less thing to think about is always a good thing, right? Let’s explore all the reasons Dapple Baby is the best laundry detergent for your household.

Dapple is made with everything you want, and nothing you don't!

At Dapple, we believe there are some ingredients your baby’s laundry detergent is better off without! Whether they’re harsh on skin, or even come with potential health risks, here are just a few we choose to avoid:

• Synthetic Dyes & Fragrances

• Sulfates

• Parabens

• Chlorine Bleach


Instead, choose a detergent that is plant-based! With more gentle ingredients, plant-based products are better for baby. But Dapple stands apart from the crowd with performance that blows (or cleans!) the competition away – even leading brands that use artificial ingredients to boost their cleaning power.


Why you should only accept the Best Baby Laundry Detergent

A baby’s skin is brand new to the world, so naturally, they are more sensitive, especially as newborns. You don’t want to use your regular detergent on anything the baby is going to use, such as clothing, burp rags, bedding (sheets and blankets), towels, and even cloth play mats for tummy time that you regularly wash. The main reason you need a detergent specially made for everything baby touches is because it’s created with less ingredients and harsh chemicals.

Trust us, these baby clothing detergents are still just as effective for cleaning, but there are less irritants present in these types of detergents that may cause trouble for a baby’s skin. In fact, our formulas are hypoallergenic, and pediatrician & dermatologist tested! Regular detergent tends to leave a residue on the skin’s surface that may not bother most adults, but a baby’s skin can be more sensitive to residue and harsh fragrances. Don’t take the chance on using a regular detergent when it’s so much better to use the right type just for your little one. You may end up using the baby’s detergent on the rest of your household’s clothing, towels, and bedding too! Especially if you have any family members with sensitive skin.

Baby’s skin is sensitive – that’s what makes them so soft! But some newborns and young babies have especially sensitive skin, like eczema, impetigo, cradle cap, or just plain old newborn baby acne bumps. Either way, help reduce irritation by being careful about what you’re using to clean their clothing and other surfaces they touch. The flaking and redness of some of these conditions can be more intense with a reaction from the wrong detergent. More than likely your pediatrician will be of some help to you when you encounter more serious skin problems with your baby. The laundry detergent you use becomes even more important for protecting your baby against making some of those skin conditions even worse.

There are different types of detergent you can choose from. These include regular liquid, pods or packs like Tide Pods, or powder. Each has different benefits and drawbacks, as well as cost consideration to think about. Powder tends to be the least expensive with liquid next and pods usually costing the most.

Most people tend to choose liquid over the other types. Plus, most of the baby laundry detergent comes in this type. It’s also very easy to pre-treat stains with a liquid laundry detergent so that your favorite baby outfits make it through more than one wearing. With a great detergent you can even pass down old baby clothing when your baby outgrows each piece because you don’t have to worry about stains staying put for good. No one wants to inherit stained baby clothing, even if you plan on donating these items.

Make sure you keep all laundry detergent out of the way of all young children. There has been a ton of press lately on the tendency for children to mistake “pods” or laundry packs as candy and trying to consume them. Either way, keep all chemical products high out of reach or in a locked cabinet to be on the safe side.

These products are unnecessary to use when cleaning the fabrics your baby touches. Getting rid of these will allow you to limit the chemical ingredients they may come into contact with on their clothing and bedding. And the benefits? It will save you money, and you’ll be looking out for your baby’s skin! If you’re looking for a more natural, sustainable way to reduce static cling in your dryer, we recommend trying wool dryer balls instead.

The top 5 brands we tested

  • We tested a variety of different and popular brands of baby detergent. Some of these have been around for decades while others are part of the new generation of environmentally friendly detergents.

    So which baby laundry detergents really get the job done, and which aren’t quite living up to our cleaning standards? See the results below of an independent lab test conducted at Sterling Labs (study #17204GE29-B).

    These detergents were tested specifically on baby stains including poop, formula and spit up!

The BEST balance of plant-based ingredients and a formula that really works. Dapple removed up to 50% more stains than its competitors! Baby stains are no match for our baby-friendly ingredients. 
Although Dreft did stand up to the challenge of cleaning poop and spit-up stains, it was no match for Dapple when it came to cleaning formula! Dapple cleaned formula stains 13% better than Dreft. 
Babyganics is formulated with plant-derived ingredients, but Dapple outperformed Babyganics on all three baby stains by up to 25%. 
This popular household brand is known for being plant-based, but did you know it contains ingredients like MIT (a synthetic preservative associated with allergic reactions, according to EWG)? Seventh Generation performed as well as Dapple on poop stains, but underperformed on formula and spit up stains by up to 43%. 
The Honest Company was founded on the idea of safe, effective products that perform. They may be safe, but Dapple tackled all 3 stains up to 50% better than the Honest Company.

And the winner is... dapple baby laundry detergent!

  • We stand out for the ability to completely clean clothing and other baby items. Its hypoallergenic formula helps prevent redness and skin irritation in baby, and although it’s tough on stains, it’s gentle on your little one’s clothes.

    We feel confident that you’ll be impressed by the stain fighting power of this amazing detergent, especially given the plant-based formula. It’s also fragrance-free which is just one less thing you need to worry about.

    Plus, one bottle of Dapple Baby Laundry Detergent can clean up to 50 loads of clothing. That’s a huge value for the price are paying for this excellent detergent.

Important details about dapple baby: the best baby laundry detergent

• Dye-free

• Fragrance-Free

• Ingredients are plant based

• Can be used in regular and high-efficiency washing machines

• Hypoallergenic

• Great for cloth diapers

• Zero phthalates, parabens or brighteners

• Made to combat irritation from common skin condition in babies

The Dapple Baby company also makes a Stain Remove Spray that is extra helpful to have around to pre-treat those really tough spit-up and baby food stains.

Let's hear what some moms around the US have to say about Dapple Baby Laundry Detergent.

5 stars

Anna from New York says:

I have newborn twins! The amount of laundry I go through is just plain crazy. Spit-up stains used to be a big issue until I started using Dapple Baby. I can’t believe how much better all their clothing looks. When they were newborns I had to get rid of so many outfits because they weren’t getting clean enough with regular baby detergent. With Dapple Baby, I’m able to save the clothing they grow out of to give away because it still looks as good as new.

5 stars

Sarah from Florida says:

Having skin issues myself, I was nervous about my newborn having some of the same problems. In the beginning my son had some skin irritation, but once I switched to Dapple Baby those problems quickly went away. My pediatrician suggested Dapple Baby Laundry Detergent and I’m so glad I took her advice.

5 stars

Madison from California says:

I soon realized after using Dapple Baby for my newborn daughter, that it would also be suitable for my older children as well. My son, who is 7, has much less skin irritation issues now that I’m using Dapple for my whole family.

If you are looking for the very best in baby laundry detergent and other baby cleaning and skincare products, check out the entire Dapple Baby line. Founded by two moms that were tired of less than stellar brands that claimed to be “baby-friendly,” so they created a line that would get the job done and be safe for all of their baby’s items.

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